With hopes and beliefs in the peaceful sky!

Dear friends and partners of ARMG Publishing!

If you follow the news Russia has started the war in Ukraine. Our city, Sumy, is very close to the Russian border. Every minute we receive a lot of questions and a lot of advice. Thanks for your concerning and embraced words. 

We as the Editorial team try to continue to work on the 3rd issue 2022.

Please, we will be glad if you continue to promote our Journal. 

Dear colleagues, partners and friends! Please support us in the information space. Tell your colleagues and students about what is happening here. Ukraine was attacked by the Russian military and killed civilians – women, children. Use verified sources, such as https://war.ukraine.ua/. We would also appreciate it if you could on any occasion communicate adequate information that reflects reality with your partners in Russia and its ally countries. Most of our mailing and other communication channels are banned there. Our experience shows, that a considerable part of Russia’s population is kept in an information vacuum.

We all pray across the country for PEACE in Ukraine and around the world! Please be with us in this! 

With hopes and beliefs in the peaceful sky!