Medani Bhandari, member of editorial board of “SocioEconomic Challenges (SEC)” participated in the digital literacy program

Literacy program is a global mission for all of us!

Professor Medani Bhandari was invited as a guest expert for equality foundation program on digital literacy program (September-October). This program is supported by the government of Nepal. The purpose of the program is to make all teachers and students of Nepal digitally literate, starting from Pradesh No. 1.

At this time government have chosen 100 schools for the pilot program. As soon as it is done the next stage will begin, which means working with the rest 1200 schools in the Pradesh One and other states (now there are 7 states in Nepal).

The role of Professor Bhandari is to evaluate schools’ capacity and provide training programs for the teachers and students. This is a challenging task, but we believe in our colleagues and wish them success!