Presentation of the book edited by Professor Medani Bhandari, the member of editorial board of “SocioEconomic Challenges (SEC)”

The book edited by a team of scholars from USA and Ukraine presents collaborative efforts of the educators, practitioners and experts around the world to reflect the progress on SDGs, and to re-think the essence of sustainable development as it is.

The chapters are devoted to different goals of the sustainable development program and yet are united by one big issue arise recently. The problem of inequality and disparities is the core topic of the book and all the authors contributed to the comprehension of these problems of unbalanced social, environmental and economic development. All the authors are acknowledged experts and researchers, have a relevant background in the field and are encouraged to find ways to solve mentioned problems. Dr. Medani P. Bhandari and Dr. Shvindina Hanna made a great job bringing together the ideas about our future development, combining the research findings and outcomes of the authors with current tendencies and trends in the world. This book will be helpful for experts, policymakers, NGO activists and agencies as a basis for understanding the most crucial problems that should be in a focus of our common attention.