Anna Shvindina, the member of the editorial board of the journal “Socio-Economic Challenges”, participated in The Virtual Global Class 2021

The first session of the Global Virtual Class took place on 4h of February, which is one of many planned within a new course «International Relations and Global Leadership». This course is designed and provided jointly with the Washington State University. From Sumy State University, the following faculty will participate this semester: Dr. Hanna Shvindina

The initiator and leading instructor of the class is Professor Dipra Jha, Assistant Director and Scholarly Associate Professor of School of Hospitality Business Management at Carson College of Business (Washington State University).

The first session was devoted to the specific or running business in Ukraine. The topic of economic development of Ukraine and international investors attracting had a global reach. It’s important to share positive information about Ukraine as a business-friendly country opened to innovations.