Gayane Tovmasyan, the Member of the Editorial Board of the journal “Business Ethics and Leadership” published a monograph dedicated to the issues of tourism development in Armenia

A monograph entitled “The Issues of Tourism Development in Armenia” by Gayane Tovmasyan, PhD in Economics,Member of Editorial Board of the journal “Business Ethics and Leadership”, a senior researcher at the “Amber” Research Centre in ASUE, a teacher at PAARA, has been published with the approval of the Scientific Board of the Public Administration Academy of RA.

The voluminous monograph, consisting of 620 pages, summarizes the results of the research the author has conducted during the recent years.

In the monograph, the author addresses the theoretical and practical, as well as conceptual issues of tourism development.

The book reflects the essence, types, and global trends of the development of tourism, as well as the international practice in the industry development and management by the example of various countries. It also analyzes the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on tourism.

The monograph also sums up the analyses on the issues of the enhancement of the competitiveness in tourism, implementation of innovations, tourism security and safety, marketing, investment, development of transport infrastructure, assessment of the hotel service quality, evaluation of tourists’ satisfaction, improvement of tourism education, assurance of efficient cooperation with the labour market, sustainable development of tourism in Armenia.

The monograph may be helpful to the public and local self-government agencies in the field of tourism, private and non-governmental organizations, education institutions, students and teachers, researchers, as well as those interested in the industry.