Key elements of carbon-free economy

Member of Editorial Board of the journal “Business Ethics and Leadership”, Doctoral student of the Department of Marketing Olena Chygryn conducted a series of webinars for students of economics in the framework of the Jean Monnet project “Carbon Neutral Economy: Best Practices for Ukraine” (620232-EPP-1-2020-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE).
The participants of the online project discussed the problems of promoting the main stages of the implementation of this strategy:

– reducing energy use, improving living standards in developing countries by significantly improving energy efficiency and the transition to a circular economy;

– scaling the provision of clean energy by increasing the powerful production capacity of cheap, clean energy;

– use of clean energy in all sectors of the economy.

Students were interested in the fact that this concept is designed to allow all developed economies to achieve a net zero emission level no later than 2050.