Tetyana Pimonenko and Oleksiy Lyulyov, the members of Editorial Board of “SocioEconomic Challenes” journal held a Public Lecture “Social Entrepreneurship: Eu Experience”

On 12 April 2021, the members of Editorial Board of “SocioEconomic Challenes” journal Tetyana Pimonenko and Oleksiy Lyulyov held an open public lecture on social entrepreneurship development in the EU for students and graduate students. Under the project, “EU policy for SMEs: perspectives and challenges for Ukraine” (619999-EPP-1-2020-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE), the Poland experts were invited to present the EU experience in developing social entrepreneurship, considering requirements of sustainable development.

The speakers presented corporate social responsibility models, outlined the main ethical issues of doing business in a highly competitive environment. In the lecture framework, the participants were informed of the employer’s responsibilities and the negative consequences of contravention of business ethics principles. The audience members participated in the active discussion and formed a socially responsible businessman’s profile under the current conditions.