Considering APC ARMG Publishing direct financial resources to Marketing & Dissemination of Journals and Papers through:

  • co-organisation of conferences;
  • co-organisation of scholarly society events;
  • the Professional Social Networks;
  • the Professional Associations, Networks, Organisations and Publisher’s partners;
  • email marketing and other promotional activities.

Advertising in Journals of ARMG Publishing

ARMG publishing is not interested in advertising commercial products and services. However, we are conducive to promoting scientific conferences, books, publishers, services and/or products which endorse lifelong learning and enlarge educational and scientific cooperation.

ARMG publishing may determine the types of advertising that will be accepted and published in the issues and placed on our website.

The decisions on advertising are subject to approval for Publisher, Head of ARMG publishing or Editors in Chief.

Advertising in ARMG Publishing (in print and online issues, website) should be relevant and follow the core publishing policies:

  • Advertising content for tobacco, alcohol, recreational drugs or any illegal products will not be accepted.
  • Advertisements should clearly identify the advertiser and the product or service.
  • Advertisements (and product) must consider the regulations in the country where the advertisements will be launch and seen.
  • Online advertising must not appear on the PDF version of the paper.
  • Advertising is clearly distinguished from the editorial content.

NOTED: The core principle of Advertising in Journals of ARMG publishing is editorial independence from commercial influence underlies decision-making. Decisions on papers’ publishing are not influenced by advertising. All advertisements are a separate section from content and not supported by the publisher.

The publisher is not responsible for any errors in displaying an advertisement! The advertisement could be withdrawn at any time from the journals’ website should the Publisher, Head of ARMG publishing, Editors or the collaborative societies request its removal.

Send all types of advertising by mail specifying “Advertising” in letter subject.