APC for Developing Countries

ARMG Publishing supports researchers from developing countries, which do not have options to provide grants and financial support for the scientists to publish their results in open access. In this case, the “Business Ethics and Leadership” journal could waive the fee on publication for authors with affiliation from countries with military conflicts or authors with a lack of research funding. In this case, the author should communicate with the Editorial Office and send the request with a justification for waiving of publication fee.

Besides, the “Business Ethics and Leadership” journal provides options for Ukrainian scientists to receive grants for publications in it. Pay attention that the number of grants is limited per year. The researchers should send the request for a grant to the Editorial office.

Besides, the authors from countries with low- and middle-income (considering World Bank) could request discounts for publication: 20% and 10% discounts could be provided, respectively. Thus, the authors should write to the Editorial office explaining the reasons for the discounts.

All cases on waive of publication fees or discounts are considered individually by the Editorial office.