Issue 2


Volume 1 Issue 2, 2017

published on July 11, 2017

Imola Cseh-Papp, Zoltán Szira, Erika Varga 

The situation of graduate employees on the Hungarian labor market

Pages: 5-11

Isha Jaswal, Badri Narayanan 

Trade impact of SADC-India FTA on textiles and clothing sectors

Pages: 20-30

Gregorz Mentel, Galina Peresadko 

Structural assessment of market capacity: client-oriented conception

Pages: 31-38

Joanna Fomina, Nataliia Vynnychenko 

Fiscal transparency: cross-country comparisons

Pages: 39-46

Tetyana Pimonenko, Oleg Radchenko, Maksim Palienko 

Еfficiency of marketing communications in banks

Pages: 55-61

Winston Logan, Oleksii Esmanov 

Public financial services transparency

Pages: 62-67

Harshad Dave 

An inquiry on social issues – Part 1

Pages: 78-87