Issue 3


Volume 1 Issue 3, 2017

published on October 10, 2017

Alexandru Trifu 

Is Proxemics Influencing Leadership?

Pages: 5-9

Yuliia Shkodkina, Darius Pacauskas 

Comparative Analysis of Plagiarism Detection Systems

Pages: 27-35

Cezarina Adina Tofan 

The Process of Communication in Decision-Making

Pages: 36-44

Harshad Dave 

An Inquiry on Social Issues − Part 2

Pages: 45-63

Inna Krasiuk, Yelena Demidova 

Impact of Intangible Factors on Business Value

Pages: 64-74

Ihor Cherniavskyi, Khawla S. Abuwande 

Evaluation of Customer Service Quality

Pages: 84-92