Peer review process

The scientific article reviewing process is an essential stage in the publication process. It helps the Editors-in-Chief make decisions on the publication of the article and the Author – on the manuscript improvement. Members of Editorial Office (managing editors, technical editors, web managers, proofreders, graphic designers), don’t make decisions on papers. External Reviewers, who are not members of Editorial Board, can be considered to review those papers that correspond their research interests.

Timeline of the peer review process:

  1. The paper is sent by Author (s) to the Editorial office.
  2. The Editor checks the paper meets the Journal’s requirements, aims and scope. The main criteria for articles selection include the authenticity of scientific ideas and proposals, the innovation of the scientific approach, significance of scientific results in its scientific field, the theoretical basis of the article, quality and completeness of the review of existing research and publications, clarity of the research methodology, literacy and adherence to editorial requirements (Journal aim and scope Time for First Decision – up to 1 week.
  3. The Editor assign the reviewers according to their scientific interests. Journal “Business Ethics and Leadership” has a system of double-blind peer review. It means that reviewers and authors remain anonymous.
  4. The reviewers send the suggestions/recommendations and indicate one of the following decisions:
    • Accept: to accept the article for publishing in its original form;
    • Minor revision: the article requires minor corrections, which are indicated in the Review;
    • Major revision: a substantial review of the article content is needed; recommendations for material improvement are indicated in the Review;
    • Reject: to reject the article on the basis stated in the Review.
  5. The Editor checks the reviewers’ suggestions/recommendations and sends to the Author (s).
  6. The Editor communicates with Author (s) and Reviewers to make the final decision. The article review process takes up to 2 months.
  7. The accepted paper sends for further publishing production.

Before publishing, each article is checked for plagiarism by StrikePlagiarism and iThenticate software. In cases of plagiarism detection, the authors of the materials are responsible.

Materials submitted for publication in the journal “Business Ethics and Leadership” cannot be published in other scientific publications.

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