Volume 2 Issue 3

Volume 2 Issue 3, 2018

published on October 1, 2018

Ikram Aghasiev, Nataliia Pavlikha, Nataliia Riabushenko  

Gender-oriented Budgeting as a Democratic Practice during a Self-government Reform: Ukrainian Experience

Pages: 21-33

Zuhaib Hassan Qureshi, Hussam Al Halbus, Sheena Pitafi, Shehnaz Tehseen 

A Conceptual Study of HRM Practices and Market Orientation on Lecturer’s Retention: A Case Study of Malaysian Universities

Pages: 44-52

Jennifer Hossain, Nadim Jahangir, Md. Nur-Al-Ahad  

A Study on Female Entrepreneurs in Malaysia

Pages: 67-73

George Abraham Kurian 

Elderly Care – A Case for the CSR Initiatives

Pages: 84-93