Volume 5 Issue 4

Volume 5 Issue 4, 2021

published on December 30, 2021

Mehdi Bouchetara, Sara Aicha Amrani, Messaoud Zerouti, Sidi Mohammed Bouchenak Khelladi, Nabil Mehddeb

The Impact of Contingency Factors on the Balanced Scorecard Adoption: Evidence from Algeria

Pages: 32-47

Fernando Alonso Ojeda Castro

Origin, Use and Meaning of the Innovation Diamond

Pages: 48-58

Marcel Mock, Prof. Dr. Nicolás Gonzálvez-Gallego, Prof. Dr. Stefan Razik

The Role of Integrated Reporting in Enhancing Corporate Transparency and Communication

Pages: 76-89

Olha Kuzmenko, Svitlana Kolomiiets

Trust in Vaccination as a Factor in Public Health During a Pandemic

Pages: 90-100

Artem Artyukhov, Jan Krmela, Vladimira Krmelova, Iurii Volk

Quality of Scientific Activity, Technology Transfer and Research Integrity: Case of Ukrainian University

Pages: 101-109