Article processing charge and discounts

All articles in the “Financial Markets, Institutions and Risks” Journal are published in a fully open access format. All papers are published under a Creative Commons (CC BY) license.

The “Financial Markets, Institutions and Risks” Journal provides Gold Open Access, which means that every reader has free access (to read and download) to the full text of all published papers, and can re-use the published content if proper citation of the original paper is provided. Gold Open Access is provided to readers by the authors or their institutions/research funders upon submitting a publication fee (Article Processing Charge, APC) for accepted papers.

The author, institution or research sponsor pays an Article Processing Charge if the article is accepted for publication after being peer reviewed (there are no submission or review fees). The APC covers the costs for copy editing, text formatting, creating figures and tables and administering the peer-review process, article archiving, as well as site administration (hosting the articles on-site, its maintenance and support), the promotion of the journal and articles (distribution of the journal’s content, serving the indexing services, etc) and customers support. The cost for article processing is set according to the cost sheet, which is calculated annually (may be periodically adjusted) and approved by the regulatory framework of Sumy State University.

The APC is paid to the official account of Sumy State University and is EUR 50. The payment does not depend on the length of an article. Authors can order a hard copy of the issue byinforming the Editorial office and covering the shipping cost, which depends on the author’s country.


Discounts are available for authors. The decision regarding discounts is made at the discretion of the Editorial Board as agreed with the Publisher – Sumy State University. Clarifications and consultations on all financial matters (including discounts) and invoices are provided by the managing editor:

The following options for discounts can be applied:

  • Authors with affiliation from low-income countries (considering the World Bank) are eligible for a 20% discount.
  • Authors with affiliation from middle-income countries (considering the World Bank) are eligible for a 10% discount.
  • Authors with affiliation from countries experiencing ongoing military conflicts or authors with a lack of research funding can have the fee waived.
  • Editorial members can have the fee waived for 1 paper per year.
  • Reviewer members are eligible for a 50% discount.

In case of a personal discount, the author should communicate with the Editorial office and send a request with justification of discount for Article Processing Charge or for the waiver of the publication fee. All cases are considered individually by the Editorial office.

Financial Markets, Institutions and Risks follows the recommendation of the Fair Open Access Alliance to provide transparent fee structures considering the Principle 5 of Plan S.

Service % of total Amount, EUR
Journal Operations (Journal support, platform development and maintenance, other support staff). 15 7.5
Journal Processing (triaging, peer review management, editorial assistance, proofreading, indexing and archiving). 60 30
Marketing & Dissemination (costs for promoting journal’s content among scholars, researchers, associations, institutions, professional social media networks, etc). 10 5
Editorial Fees (travel grant or stipend for Editorial members and the Editorial office). 1 0.5
General Expenses (management and administration, overhead expenses, utility bills). 7 3.5
Discounts and Waivers 7 3.5

Sources of Support/Financing

The journal is funded by a fee for scientific editing and institutional support from the publisher – Sumy State University.

The Article Processing Charge can be paid via an online payment service. For further information on payment, please contact the Managing Editor.