Copyright and Licensing

For all papers published in “Financial Markets, Institutions and Risks”, the copyright is retained by the author(s) of the papers. All papers are licensed under the open access Creative Commons CC BY license, which permits use, distribution and reproduction of the article in any medium, provided that the original work is properly cited. The CC BY license allows for commercial and non-commercial reuse.

If the authors use previously published information (text, figures, tables, etc), they should obtain permission for their use and republication. This should be done before submitting the paper. Permission is not required if the previously published information is not protected by copyright or is in the public domain.

Permission is required in the following cases:

  • Your paper has been published by another publisher, and you did not retain copyright.
  • Your paper includes tables, graphs, figures, which have not been changed or have only been slightly modified by you.
  • Your paper includes figures, photographs or 3D models for which you do not hold the copyright.
  • If you have received permission to any of these materials you should indicate the following: “Reproduced with permission from”, “Author First and Last Name”, “Title of the sources”; published by “Title of the Publisher”, “Year”.

Permission is not required in the following cases:

  • The paper includes tables, graphs, figures that were substantially modified or/and improved by the authors. In this case, we strongly recommend indicating “It is modified based on….”, “It is compiled/summarized/calculated based on the data from…..”
  • If you used any part/fragment of your own previously published results. In this case, the authors should cite the relevant sources that originally published this material.
  • Short citations in the text don’t require permission, but it is important to provide the corresponding reference in the bibliography or reference list.

Please, pay attention that author(s) should avoid using any form of citation manipulation, which is explained in detail in COPE Guidelines on Citation manipulation.

The Editorial Board of the “Financial Markets, Institutions and Risks” journal takes issues of scientific misconduct, copyright infringement, plagiarism or any other violations of best practices in publication seriously and is focused on protecting the authors’ rights.

Authors (co-authors) who have submitted articles for publication in the journal must adhere to ethical principles while conducting research and writing manuscripts.

The Editorial Board of the journal is responsible for the quality of the published articles, but the author (co-authors) bears the ethical responsibility for the content of each published article.

The authors (co-authors) guarantee that their manuscript is original, does not violate intellectual property rights, as well as the fact that this material has not been published anywhere before or submitted for publication in other journals.

The Editorial Board recommends that authors use the CC BY license, which allows for the use, distribution and reproduction of the article in any medium as long as the original work is properly cited. The CC BY license permits commercial and non-commercial reuse.