Volume 2 Issue 1

Volume 2 Issue 1, 2018

published on April 4, 2018

Abdul Rahman Barhaq, Oleh Radchenko

Optimization of Bank Expenses on Marketing Communications

Pages: 5-14

Sowa Bozena, Natalia Vynnychenko

Evaluating of the financial equalization system in Ukraine

Pages: 25-36

Basir Ahmad Mohamadi, Vоlоdymyr Glants

The Role of Tax Regulation in Counter-Cyclical Regulation of Banking in Ukraine

Pages: 37-49

Abraham (Abi) Moskovicz

Helping State Agent to understand the Private Sector

Pages: 75-78

Syed Robayet Ferdous, Nanda Dulal Bhattacharjee

Compliance with Labour Law in the Fish Farming Industry in Bangladesh: an Empirical Analysis

Pages: 105-113