Volume 3 Issue 1

Volume 3 Issue 1, 2019

published on April 4, 2019

Rachid Boutti, Adil El Amri, Florence Rodhain

Multivariate Analysis of a Time Series EU ETS: Methods and Applications in Carbon Finance

Pages: 18-29

Adewole Joseph Adeyinka, Adekanmi Aderemi Daniel, Demehin James Adeniyi

An Assessment of the Relationship Between the Volume and Value of Ict Transactions in the Nigerian Deposit Money Banks: 2007-2017

Pages: 30-42

Weldeslassie Hailai Abera, Salecia Gouder, Muhummed Sheik, Ruel Booth

Impacts of Stock Market Performance on Firms’ Growth: With Reference to South Africa

Pages: 50-62

Francesco Di Tommaso, Arturo Gulinelli

What Can Be the Best Corporate Governance Reform?

Pages: 75-91

Innocent Idachaba Odekina, Ademola Olukotun Gabriel, Teryima Torlagh Solomon

Effect of Capital Adequacy, Credit Risk and Operating Efficiency on the performance of Commercial Banks in Nigeria

Pages: 106-114