Volume 3 Issue 4

Volume 3 Issue 4, 2019

published on December 27, 2019

Khadidja Nemmiche, Abdelkader Nassour, Mehdi Bouchetara

Firm Growth vs. External Growth: A Behavioral Approach

Pages: 16-23

Emerson Abraham Jackson, Edmund Tamuke, Mohamed Jabbie

Disaggregated Short-Term Inflation Forecast (STIF) for Monetary Policy Decision in Sierra Leone

Pages: 32-48

Francesco Di Tommaso, Arturo Gulinelli

Corporate Governance and Economic Performance: The Limit of Short Termism

Pages: 49-61

Carsten Giebe, Lennart Hammerström, Dirk Zwerenz

Big Data & Analytics as a sustainable Customer Loyalty Instrument in Banking and Finance

Pages: 74-88

Harshad Dave

The X-ray report of “Economic growth”

Pages: 89-93

Adewole Joseph Adeyinka, Dare Funso David, Ogunyemi Joseph Kayode

Implications of Financial Intermediation on The Performance of Commercial Banks in Nigeria: 2000-2017

Pages: 94-105