Volume 4 Issue 3

Volume 4 Issue 3, 2020

published on October 6, 2020

Otapo Toyin Waliu, Adekunle Oludayo Elijah

Dynamic Effects of Foreign Portfolio Investment on Economic Growth in Nigeria

Pages: 5-12

Hassan Obeid, Fatima Hillani, Rana Fakih, Kholoud Mozannar

Artificial Intelligence: Serving American Security and Chinese Ambitions

Pages: 42-52

Yuliya Yelnikova, Radoslaw Miskiewicz

Implementation mechanism of impact investing in the post-conflict regions

Pages: 53-62

Jameel A. Aljaloudi, Taleb A. Warrad

Economic Growth and the Optimal Size of the Public sector in Jordan

Pages: 72-79

Hanna Yarovenko, Olha Kuzmenko, Mario Stumpo

Strategy for Determining Country Ranking by Level of Cybersecurity

Pages: 124-137