Retraction and correction policy


Author’s corrections provide a means of correcting errors of omission (e.g., author names or citations) and errors of a scientific nature that do not alter the overall basic results or conclusions of a published article. Author’s corrections include corrections for typographical errors arising during typesetting processes, substantial changes in content, e.g. new results, corrected values and changes of title and authorship are not allowed without the approval of Managing Editor. Revised proofs can be sent to the author for a second time only in case of multiple errors or corrections.

The author can`t make any corrections to the paper after the final publication on the web page of the Journal. Each separate situation should bediscussed with Editor-in-Chief of the journal.


Articles may be withdrawn, retracted, removed or replaced after publication if they contain substantial errors that cannot be corrected by publishing an Erratum or a Corrigendum, or if ethical violations come to light after publication.

If retraction of the paper is necessary, then we adhere to Retractions Guidance from the Committee on Publication Ethics.


Authors are able to formulate complaints against publishers, editors, peer-reviewers and other members of the editorial staff of journals if they are aware of editorial misconduct, copyright infringement, publishing without consent, or any other breach. Complaints must first be addressed directly to the publisher or editor-in-chief of the corresponding journal.