Volume 1 Issue 1

Volume 1 Issue 1, 2020

published on October 26, 2020

Nataliia Letunovska, Aleksy Kwilinski, Bozena Kaminska

Scientific research in the health tourism market: a systematic literature review

Pages: 8-19

Liliya Khomenko, Liudmyla Saher, Jan Polcyn

Analysis of the marketing activities in the blood service: bibliometric analysis

Pages: 20-36

Guvenc Kockaya, Ekin Begum Karahan, Sinem Oztopcu, Gulpembe Oguzhan, Amir Mustapha Charaf

A market research of obesity and bariatric surgery in Turkey and Tunisia

Pages: 37-47

Yana Us, Tetyana Pimonenko, Tatjana Tambovceva, Jean-Pierre Segers

Green transformations in the healthcare system: the covid-19 impact

Pages: 48-59

Svitlana Kolosok, Agnieszka Jakubowska

Covid-19 and public health administration: trends and prospects

Pages: 69-75

Volodymyr Boronos, Oleksii Zakharkin, Liudmyla Zakharkina, Yuliia Bilous

The impact of the covid-19 pandemic on business activities in Ukraine

Pages: 76-83

Andrii Shipko, Serhii Shklyar, Oleksii Demikhov, Henryk Dzwigol

Public health services: implementation of healthcare technologies

Pages: 84-92

Liubov Syhyda, Paulína Srovnalíková, Alla Onda

Estimation of quality of medical care

Pages: 93-105

Yulia Sepreninova, Inna Makarenko, Alex Plastun, Angela Babko, Gunnay Gasimova

Mapping of the responsible investments instruments in sdg 3 ‘good health and well-being’ financing: EU and US experience

Pages: 106-115