Volume 1 Issue 2

Volume 1 Issue 2, 2020

published on December 28, 2020

Andrii Shipko, Nadiia Demikhova, Krzysztof Pajak, Vira Motrechko

Health management at the regional level: multivariable performance assessment

Pages: 8-15

Olha Prokopenko, Viktoriia Shcherbachenko, Viktor Kulibaba

Health care anti-crisis management issues in the reality of the covid-19 pandemic

Pages: 16-23

Yuliia Matvieieva, Salvin Paul, Tetiana Honchar

Development prospects of youth-friendly clinics under healthcare reform

Pages: 33-42

Leonid Taraniuk, Irina D’yakonova, Karina Taraniuk, Hongzhou Qiu

Basic financing principles of anti-covid measures: the case of the bank for international settlements

Pages: 43-50

Tetiana Tenytska, Iuliia Myroshnychenko, Ekaterine Lomia

Conflict management system in health care

Pages: 61-69

Maryna Saienko, Olena Hrechanychenko, Lesya Prasol

Management in the private clinics: impact of the health care reforming

Pages: 70-77

Yevhen Mishenin, Janusz Klisinski, Inessa Yarova, Andrii Rak

Ensuring healthy environment: mechanisms of cluster structures development in the field of waste management

Pages: 78-90

Yuriy Yula, Olexandr Pushko, Maksym Palienko

Recommendations for improving the hospital’s marketing policy

Pages: 91-99