Volume 2 Issue 1

Volume 2 Issue 1, 2021

published on March 30, 2021

Ogbonnaya Ukeh Oteh, Ambrose Ogbonna Oloveze, Raymond Ozoemena Obasi, Opara Obinna Justin

Consumer health knowledge: cultural norms and marketing of healthcare products

Pages: 8-22

Yuriy Prudnikov, Anastasiya Nazarenko

The role of content marketing in the promotion of medical goods and services

Pages: 23-29

Yevheniia Ziabina, Aleksy Kwilinski, Tatiana Belik

HR management in private medical institutions

Pages: 30-36

Nataliya Antonyuk, Iryna Plikus, Mohammad Jammal

Sustainable business development vision under the covid-19 pandemic

Pages: 37-43

Olena Pavlenko, Vitalii Sukalenko, Oleksii Shkulipa, Meena Sunildutt Sharma

Personnel management features of medical institutions

Pages: 44-53

Inna Tiutiunyk, Yuliia Humenna, Anna Flaumer

Covid-19 impact on business sector activity in the EU countries: digital issues

Pages: 54-66

Mariia Minchenko, Kateryna Demchuk

Pandemic consequences and crisis recovery scenarios

Pages: 67-75

Vadym Aleksandrov, Pavlo Rubanov, Madi Mazhed Eisa

Problems of implementation of compulsory health insurance in Ukraine

Pages: 76-88

Yuliia Opanasiuk, Monika Grabowska, Olena Volovyk

Methodology for staff management assessment efficiency in the medical institutions

Pages: 89-99

Nataliia Kotenko, Viktoriya Bohnhardt

Digital health projects financing: challenges and opportunities

Pages: 100-107