Editorial independence

Sumy State University and Academic Research and Publishing UG are co-founders of an international scientific journal “Marketing and Management of Innovations” (MMI). Academic Research and Publishing UG is a publisher of the journal “Marketing and Management of Innovations” (MMI).

The Journal’s editors, co-founders and publisher work collaboratively to manage the journal, share duties and responsibilities while adhering to the established “Publishing policies”.

“Editorial independence” means that the editors of a journal have the complete freedom to make decisions on publishing, correcting or withdrawing an article, based solely on scientific merit, without influence from the founders and publishers of the journal, the authors and their sponsors, other institutions and personnel. No one can influence the deadline for publication of the paper. Producing high-quality peer-reviewed journals, articles that align with the journal’s key topics, aims and scope is the main motivator for us. Commercial interests cannot take precedence over this policy.

The primary motivation for the editorial board of the “Marketing and Management of Innovations” journal is the publication of quality peer-reviewed articles that align with the key topics, goals and themes of the journal. Commercial interests cannot take precedence over this policy. According to WAME core principles, the co-founders have the authority to hire and fire editors, members of the editorial board, and remove external reviewers. However, such actions should be taken for substantial reasons, such as unreasonable decisions, violation of journal’s the editorial policy or personal conduct (for example, criminal acts, ethical violations, dishonest performance of duties) that are incompatible with trust.

It may also be appropriate to terminate the powers of an editorial board member, external reviewer, or editorial staff member if, for any reason, the co-founders find that they cannot mutually trust and work together. Such terminations should be the result of a deliberate process that involves open discussion at the highest level and should not be hasty, except in cases of gross illegality. Editorial board decisions must be independent, made without any pressure or influence, based primarily on the credibility of the article and its relevance to readers, not on the commercial success of the author or the journal. The co-founders cannot comment on the decisions of the journal’s editorial board anywhere and under any circumstances. The management of the journal adheres to the principles of Core Practices.