Volume 1 Issue 1

Volume 1 Issue 1, 2010

published on June 30, 2010

L.G. Melnik, I.B. Degtyaryova

Synergetic basis of marketing innovations

Pages: 67-77

T.S. Maksymova

Innovative tool of direct marketing

Pages: 78-81

I.Z. Dolzhanskiy, A.A. Voronina

Market analysis baby food Ukraine

Pages: 82-89

Y.M. Melnyk, O.V. Drachuk

The analyses of marketing-mix in publishing business

Pages: 90-101

G.O. Peresadko, I.O. Lysiutin, D.O. Ryabichenko

Analysis of commodity-price strategy of the company

Pages: 114-121