Volume 13 Issue 1

Volume 13 Issue 1, 2022

published on March 30, 2022

Lina Girdauskiene, Edita Ausrine Ciplyte, Valentinas Navickas

Gamification as an innovative instrument for employee engagement

Pages: 10-17

Fazilet Nohu, Ozlem Balaban

Employee’s innovative personality and self-efficacy

Pages: 58-66

Renata Machova, Tibor Zsigmond, Annamaria Zsigmondova, Zoltan Seben

Employee satisfaction and motivation of retail store employees

Pages: 67-83

Zenovii-Mykhaylo Zadorozhnyi, Volodymyr Muravskyi, Mariya Shesternyak, Anna Hrytsyshyn

Innovative NFC-validation system for accounting of income and expenses of public transport enterprises

Pages: 84-93

Davit Hakhverdyan, Mher Shahinyan

Competitiveness, innovation and productivity of the country

Pages: 108-123

Veronica Grosu, Marian Socoliuc, Elena Hlaciuc, Ciubotariu Marius Sorin, Mihaela Tulvinschi

Design of an Innovative Dashboard for Assessment of Risks that are Specific to E-Commerce Activity

Pages: 186-201

Neringa Slavinskaite, Giedrė Lapinskiene, Roman Hlawiczka, Laszlo Vasa

Financial Innovation Management: Impact of Fiscal Decentralization on Economic Growth of the Baltic Countries

Pages: 257-271