Volume 2 Issue 4 (part 2)

Volume 2 Issue 4 (part 2), 2011

published on December 30, 2011

I.V.Basantsov, I.V. Balasiukova

Ambushes of the state innovative economic policy in Ukraine

Pages: 13-23

V.P. Mazurenko, N.O. Matviienko

Development of mobile marketing in Ukraine

Pages: 24-29

G.О Peresadko, S.I. Naumenko, T.V. Rohal

Life cycle of mobile devices

Pages: 41-45

O.M. Fishchenko, А.V. Khalaimova

Features of estimation of innovative risks

Pages: 52-57

I.Z. Dolzhansky, N.V. Krachkovska

Features of marketing of animation films and dualism of videoproduct

Pages: 75-82

L.A. Kvyatkovska

Mechanism of estimation of marketing strategy

Pages: 98-104

O.S. Pugachova, S.V. Kovalchuk

Using an innovative approach in 3D-advertising

Pages: 118-123

O.V. Prokopenko, A.M. Karminsky, O.V. Klymenko

The role of ratings in the educational process of higher education institutions

Pages: 141-146

Yu.B. Kalenichenko, Ya.I. Smirnova

Creativity as a basis for management organization

Pages: 186-191

S.V. Koverga, O.S. Peredereeva, Sv. P. Kuzmenko

The efficiency of diagnostics technical-technological potential machine-building enterprises

Pages: 205-209