Volume 3 Issue 2

Volume 3 Issue 2, 2012

published on June 30, 2012

A.S. Teletov, O.A.Vasylieva

Marketing research in systems of urban transport services

Pages: 13-21

O.A. Bilovodska, N.V. Gaidabrus

Strategic approach of brand creation (as an example Sumy)

Pages: 22-31

Т.О. Zagorna, O.M. Stasiuk

The holistic marketing concept

Pages: 32-38

I.Yu. Privarnikova, M.K. Kostiuchenko

The development of high-tech sector of economics in Ukraine

Pages: 45-52

S.M. Illiashenko, N.M. Haityna, T.V. Kyrychenko, M.V. Rybalka

Research of Sumy population relation to present ecological problems

Pages: 240-246

O.V. Vashchuk, M.N. Tretiak

Features formation of national fuels market biology

Pages: 247-253

N. Denona Bogović, L. Cerović, D. Maradin

The security of electricity supply as the determinant of sustainable development

Pages: 254-265