Volume 3 Issue 3

Volume 3 Issue 3, 2012

published on September 30, 2012

N.S. Illiashenko, O.S. Savchenko

SEO as modern instrument of Internet-marketing

Pages: 63-74

Yu.V. Loginova

Modified eCDP model on Internet

Pages: 92-98

T.О. Bashuk, M.O. Khyzhnyak

Managements of different types of conflicts in creative collective

Pages: 111-119

A.V. Kendyuhov, E.Yu. Yagelskaya

The economic approach to the time research

Pages: 141-148

I.V. Krapyvny

Regional context of “new economy”

Pages: 199-205

I.А. Aleksandrov, L.O. Kravets

Methodology of assessment of Ukraine’s environment quality

Pages: 221-228