Volume 3 Issue 4

Volume 3 Issue 4, 2012

published on December 30, 2012

O.I. Laburtseva

Management of innovations marketing risks

Pages: 15-22

N.I. Chukhray, Kh.M. Bespalyuk

Optimum price determination for a new product

Pages: 23-33

V.V. Bozhkova, I.M. Ryabchenko

Systematization of marketing pricing methods

Pages: 74-80

I.L. Reshetnikova

Ethical marketing as a marketing concept

Pages: 91-96

A.A. Shubin, A.A. Kryvonis

Features of formation and advancement of children’s brand

Pages: 105-111

P.G. Pererva, T.V. Romanchik

Management mechanism of product company competitiveness estimation

Pages: 230-235

S.V. Kniaz, N.G. Heorhiadi, O.L. Kolomietc

Рrocess-balance method for development of heuristic functions of enterprise

Pages: 299-307

Yu.L. Shatava, M.Yu. Karpishchenko

The mechanism of territorial branding development

Pages: 324-329