Volume 4 Issue 4

Volume 4 Issue 4, 2013

published on December 30, 2013

Ja.S. Klisinski, M.O. Prokopenko

Media events and their impact on Polish national brand

Pages: 32-41

I.L. Litovchenko, I.A. Shkurupskaya

Integrated marketing communications at solar energy equipment market

Pages: 52-65

I.L. Reshetnikova, Yu.A. Eremenko

Categorical apparatus of individual marketing

Pages: 66-74

O.F. Gryshсhenko, A.D. Niesheva

Social media marketing as a tool of enterprise’s product promotion

Pages: 86-98

V.M. Danich, N.O. Parkhomenko

Definition of crisis state of enterprises

Pages: 208-218