Volume 6 Issue 4

Volume 6 Issue 4, 2015

published on December 30, 2015

V.V. Bozhkova, A.S. Chykalova

Stickers as effective means of advertising

Pages: 34-40

А.S. Тelеtov, S.G. Теlеtоvа

The peculiarity of speech influense of the advertising texts

Pages: 49-58

A. Najafi, N. Alavi, M. Shami

Customer’s expectations in Iranian exclusive industry

Pages: 127-153

A. Brzozowska, D. Bubel, A. Kalinichenko

Communication management in the aspect of the food industry

Pages: 175-186

V. Machnáček, W. Strielkowski, A. Shishkin, Yu. Bilan

Determinants of innovations and competitiveness in the European Union

Pages: 224-232

O.V. Prokopenko, V.Yu. Shkola, M.D. Domashenko, M.O. Prokopenko

Conceptual grounds to form motivational constituent of the international ecological policy

Pages: 245-259