Volume 7 Issue 4

Volume 7 Issue 4, 2016

published on December 30, 2016

Yu.M. Melnik, L.Yu. Saher, N.S. Illiashenko, Yu.M. Ryazantseva

Classification of basic forms and types of marketing on-line communications

Pages: 43-55

T.A. Vasylieva, I.V. Didenko

Innovations in marketing of deposit services

Pages: 56-63

M.M. Novikova, S.O. Gaiduchenko

Social potential of marketing communications in modern city

Pages: 85-91

A.S. Teletov, S.G. Teletova, A.S. Bulatova, A.S. Reka

Peculiarities of gender and demographically targeted advertising texts

Pages: 121-133

O.P. Kosenko, T.O. Kobielieva, N.P. Tkachova

Monitoring system of technological innovation potential on the market

Pages: 180-190

V.P. Khorolskyi, O.V. Khorolska, K.D Khorolskyi, L.P. Rybalko

Identification of corporate situations is in the system of intellectual management an enterprise

Pages: 301-314