Volume 8 Issue 3

Volume 8 Issue 3, 2017

published on September 30, 2017

I. Kendiukhov, M. Tvaronavičienė

Managing innovations in sustainable economic growth

Pages: 33-42

N. Korzh, V. Sokolovska, H. Ivanchenko

Evaluation of the effectiveness of social capital usage

Pages: 60-68

М. Oklander, T. Oklander

Segmentation and communication in digital marketing

Pages: 69-78

P. Pererva, T. Kobielieva, M. Tkachev, N. Tkacheva

Determination of marketing characteristics of market capacity for electrical automation

Pages: 79-86

Ľ. Kubicová, Z. Kádeková, Ľ. Nagyová, P. Rovný

Slovak customers demand for dairy products and milk: analysis of price and income relations

Pages: 165-176

N.A. Baburina, E.A. Tarkhanova, O.B. Fedorova

Innovational approaches to attracting people savings in the modern economy

Pages: 187-197

О.Yu. Yemelianov, A.L. Vysotskyi, A.V. Symak, T.O. Petrushka

Methodical fundamentals of the demand evaluation for the production of machine-building enterprises

Pages: 198-212

N.Ye. Letunovska, О.Yu. Dalechin, K.O. Bieliaieva

Practical aspects of business planning in the system of investment project implementation

Pages: 226-235

G. Komarnicka, Y. Shipulina, N. Illiashenko

The impact of urbanization on the innovative development of Ukrainian regions

Pages: 336-345