Acceptance rate

Number of articles published in the journal “SocioEconomic Challenges”: 2017 – 39; 2018 – 40; 2019 – 41; 2020 – 47; 2021 – 52.

Following the COPE principles, the Editorial staff, Members of the Editorial Board, External Reviewers of the SEC journal work constantly to improve the journal’s prestige. Their main objective is to increase the efficiency of the manuscript evaluation process and accept those papers that demonstrate valuable scientific topics. However, some submitted articles may be rejected due to different reasons, which are explained in the Peer Review and Research Misconduct Policies. Moreover, the authors’ place of work, residence country, race or religion cannot influence the decision to reject the manuscript.

Thus, all authors must pay attention to the content of their articles and adhere to publication ethics principles. The articles must clearly correspond to the key topics and specialisation of the SEC journal. Additionally, great attention is paid to the language of the submitted articles in English. The language used should be professional, proofread and conform to the format standards specified by the journal. Manuscripts with weak or nonprofessional language may be rejected.

The acceptance rate is the ratio of the number of manuscripts accepted to the journal compared to the number of articles submitted in one year, which is approximately 25-30%.

The Managing Editor of the SEC journal can assist with any questions regarding the period of consideration, acceptance and peer review of the article. If authors have any questions regarding the submission and publication procedure, they can send them via email to

The necessary information about Submission and publication procedure can be found on the website. The Editorial staff of the journal is responsible for keeping all authors informed about the stage of the publishing process. On average, it takes 70 days to make a decision concerning publication once the manuscript is submitted.