Ethical Oversight

The “SocioEconomic Challenges” journal adheres to ethical principles, which are described in the Publication Ethics Policy and Malpractice Statement. These are based on the mutual trust of all participants in the publishing process and a desire to adhere to publishing ethics principles. The Editorial Board of the journal focuses on the COPE definition of Ethical Oversight: “Ethical oversight should include, but is not limited to, policies on consent to publication, publication on vulnerable populations, ethical conduct of research using animals, ethical conduct of research using human subjects, handling confidential data and business/marketing practices”. According to this definition, journal editors work in compliance with ethical principles.

We strictly follow COPE guidelines, which encourage the implementation of good academic practice. In addition to this incentive, the “SocioEconomic Challenges” journal will make every effort to find any plagiarism, negligence or fraud that undermines our full commitment to the trustworthiness of scientific research.

Authors of the manuscripts should include the Informed Consent Statement if a research paper presents research involving human participants. It is necessary to add the following statement: “Informed consent was obtained from all subjects involved in the study” OR “The person’s consent was denied for a REASON (please give a detailed justification)”. Indicate “Not applicable” for research without human participation. You can avoid this statement if there were no human subjects involved in the research.