Issue 4

Volume 1 Issue 4, 2017

published on December 18, 2017

Badri G. Narayanan, Isha Jaswal, Lipika Sharma  

Recent Regionalism in UK and USA: A Legal and Economic Analysis

Pages: 23-34

Richard Douglas Kamara, Samantha Leonard, Richard Haines  

Enhancing the Capabilities of Municipalities for Local Economic Development through Skills Training

Pages: 35-44

Robert Rogowski  

Theoretical Reasons for Economic Sociology

Pages: 45-49

Carlo Alessandro Borella,   

Fake News, Immigration, and Opinion Polarization

Pages: 59-72

Ernesto Spremberg, Volodymyr Tykhenko, Liliana Lopa  

Public-Private Partnership in the Implementation of National Environmental Projects

Pages: 73-81

Yagut Nadir Aliyeva, Sevinj Nadir Aliyeva, Mykola Zhurba  

Dichotomy of Family Relations of Azerbaijani Society in the Process of Globalization

Pages: 104-116