Volume 3 Issue 4

Volume 3 Issue 4, 2019

published on December 26, 2019

Malachy AUgbaka, Abayomi Awujola, Tatiana Shcherbyna

Economic Development, Foreign Aid and Poverty Reduction: Paradigm in Nigeria

Pages: 5-12

Belen Suarez Lopez, David Issó García, Antonio Vargas Alcaide

Blockchain Technology Facing Socioeconomic Challenges.Promise versus Probability

Pages: 13-24

Olena Voronkova, Oksana Hordei, Andala Rama Putra Barusman, Erlane K. Ghani

Social Integration As A Direction For Humanization Of Economic Relations And Improvement Of Social Welfare

Pages: 52-62

Boutchouang Nghomsi Chanceline

Land Grabbing And Its Impact On Food Security In Sub-Saharan Africa

Pages: 72-85