Poem. How and Where Am I Now? – on War Environment for What?







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Surrounded by uncertainty and calamities

In between unending questions and queries

In the middle of sharp nails and arrows

Underground on tunnels

Listening the threats of bullets

Without having knowledge of why,

I got lost, I got lost.

Death threats from own blood relatives,

I am beaten, threaten and treated as enemies,

From my own house, I am kicked out,

No idea why, but my identity is endangered

I got lost, I got lost.

Role and responsibilities are piling and piling

Unfinished list of job is filing and filing

Own blood relatives tearing me apart and nailing

In between the ocean of never-ending path

I got lost, I got lost.

Knocking doors and doors for helpful hand

Telling the story of misery, which has unlimited bands

Raising the hands as a defeated worrier

No one ready to support except knocking out

I got lost, I got lost.

Stretching my arms to everyone who cross by me

Showing the wounds of beaten body and ugly fortune of mine

Yearning for love and sympathy of people

I am so tired, I am so tired

I got lost, I got lost.

Dark path with sharp thrones are in front mine

The thirsty, hungry, and tired lives are my friends have no shine

Asking everyone who cross the road for help

Except The negligence, disregard and hate treat no other sign

I got lost, I got lost.

I don’t see the top, neither bottom

No direction and the motion

Hanging with indefinite time on null

I got lost, I got lost.

My ground is flooded, and sinking in the tears

Beloveds are out of touch and speak in deep rooted fear

Standing as dumb, in the sound of bullet and bump

I am standing as blind and paralyzed in unknown path

I got lost, I got lost.

I got lost, I got lost.