The article, published in the “Business Ethics and Leadership” Journal (Issue 2, Volume 3), is popular among readers from many countries of the world

The article “Current Mining Taxation Policy Implemented by both Mongolia and Kazakhstan: The Development Comparatives between Ulaanbaatar and Astana”, published in the “Business Ethics and Leadership” Journal (Issue 2, Volume 3), has a high number of views and downloads in many countries of the world, particularly, Mongolia, the USA, the UK, Ukraine, and France.

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The Victory in the Young Scientists Competition

Congratulations to the members of “Financial Markets, Institutions and Risks” Journal, the senior lecturers of the Chair of Accounting and Taxation Yaryna Samusevych (Research topic“De-shadowing and regulatory efficiency of environmental taxation: optimization modeling to ensure national security and environmental management”) and Alina Vysochyna (Research topic “Socio-economic recovery after COVID-19: modeling the implications for macroeconomic stability, national security and community resilience”) on the victory in the competition of research projects and scientific and technical (experimental) developments of young scientists who have passed the competitive selection and in 2022 will receive funding from the General Fund of the State Budget.

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Business Ethics and Leadership Journal is in DOAJ

On October 18, 2021, the scientific journal Business Ethics and Leadership was included in the international multidisciplinary directory of open access journals DOAJ, which contains more than 10,000 titles of scientific journals and metadata of articles in these journals. DOAJ seeks to cover all open scientific journals that adhere to the general principles of quality of scientific publications, and thus promote their dissemination, use and promotion of the Open Access movement.

Congratulations to all members of the editorial board on the achievement and wish further prosperity to the journal!


The new release of the journal “SocioEconomic Challenges” (volume 5, issue 3, 2021) contains articles of the members of editorial board

Dr. Issam Buhaisi and Dr. Peter Gentle published an article and a review of the book in Issue 3, 2021. The first is entitled “Corporate Governance and Its Effect on Professional Performance In Palestinian Private Universities, In Light Of Quality, Accreditation, And Classification Requirements.” Below is a link to the article: https://armgpublishing.com/journals/sec/volume-5-issue-3/article-5/. Review of the book by Jodi S. Baumgartner and Peter L. Francia (2020). Ordinary wisdom and the American election: explosive myths, the study of errors (fourth edition). Can be find by a link below: https://armgpublishing.com/journals/sec/volume-5-issue-3/article-14/.